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OBAGI MD Science based, off-the-shelf easy skincare.

ProC Micro Polish, Nu-derm line and CLENZiderm line are  highly recommended..

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Recommended, corrective, and custom
corneotherapy using

Skincare as Individual as You Are 


Dermaviduals® provides a full range of skincare products, that can be customized to address a multitude of skin conditions and prevent the development of future skin problems. They are also ideally suited to care for normal and young skin, but also optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and help to prevent premature aging.

Dermaviduals® are protected by patents and offer not only customizable assortment but a large variety of finished products.  Background information and latest scientific results are published regularly in neutral form.  KOKO’s, manufacturer of dermaviduals®, key aim is to promote close collaboration between spas and dermatologists, thereby enabling skin care facilities and dermatology clinics to be integrated with dermatological treatments to get the best results without any negative side effects.

Skin Care Products


Let’s create a regimen using  fewer products, that are tailored to and for you


 actually work.

I use, recommend, and sell only superior research-driven skincare products to help nourish and improve your skin. These are my favorite products as we look forward to spring..

Currently, loving Obagi  Blue "lunch-time" or Revivify(home) peel for winter and Pro-C Polish mask.

The best in science- based custom skincare,  

DEMAVIDUALs, start with the luscious Milk or gel cleanser

 Then have a personalized mask, toner or serum created for you. 

*and add MySkinBuddy or the Methode Brigitte MicroBrush to simplify your skincare regimen.

(with UV sanitization case),  to maximize your products at home.


All products are featured in treatments and available for purchase.. just ask!

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