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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is microblading?
    Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure that imbues custom color-matched organic pigment into the upper layers of skin creating the desired shape and full look of eyebrows, lips, and scalp. It mimics natural detailed single stroke ‘hairs’ precisely placed to create the most beautifully shaped and low maintenance eyebrow. Applied in the upper layer of skin unlike a tattoo and lasting between 8-18months with minimal touchups included (the average need for touch up is yearly depending on the desired result).
  • What is microshading?
    Microshading is light shading for a more polished eyebrow look that can enhance individual microblade strokes, eyebrows, scalp or lip line.
  • How long does microblading take?
    Approximately 2.5-3 hrs set up to finish. This includes set up, pre pic/consent, consultation, eyebrow measuring, mock-up, color mix, procedure, color penetration, touch-up, evaluations and aftercare instructions.
  • How long does it take to heal and what is the aftercare procedure?
    About 3-7 days and full aftercare support is always available. Touch-ups for the desired look are included within 45 days of the initial treatment. *A discount applies for the yearly maintenance of loyal clients.
  • Does microblading hurt?
    A bit, it really depends on your threshold for pain. A numbing ointment can be applied, so don't worry. The blading should feel like a scratch or slight-moderate, temporary warm irritating sensation. Everyone is different and with larger scalp areas numbing is always recommended because of the length of the procedure.
  • Does the pigment fade and can it be reversed?
    YES, over time, sun exposure and chemical face wash or skin treatments can fade microblade hairs and shade back to your natural state. Protecting your new beauty will be explained and support is always available should you have questions.
  • Will I still have to augment the feature (brows, lips, scalp) with makeup after?"
    NO! You should get out of bed or out of the shower and not have to think about the area that has been microbladed.
  • What if after a week I don’t like the color?
    Make an appointment and I'll fix it free of charge. I take my time to customize your color match.
  • Do you offer any add on services?
    Yes! As you have booked why not add for yourself or bring a friend. The following add-on services are available: • Facial/neck/scalp tissue mini massage • Medical TCA, Lactic or glycolic peel (must be done before Microblading/shading) facial • Mini Dermabrasion with collagen and circulation stimulation treatment, multiple areas inc. scars • Hyper hydration treatment, Facials • Decollate and Facial deep exfoliation • No needle "hyaluronic filer" for lips. ​
  • What types of payments are accepted?
    Our preferred methods of payment are Apple Pay, check and cash. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle are accepted with applicable transaction fees. Applicipale taxes on retail purchases. Payment is due at time of service unless aranged prior. Extended services may require a deposit prior to treatment.
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